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Should Christians Support the Nation of Israel? A Resource Guide

Should Christians Support the Nation of Israel: A Resource Guide
Posted by Truth Over Tribe

After the events of October 7, we were shocked and grieved. There is no justification for senseless violence against innocents. A week later, a  New York Times article detailed how evangelicals were responding, suggesting that many Christians aren’t sure what the Bible has to say about the modern nation-state of Israel. In our latest podcast episode, we explored that question, discussing the history of dispensationalism (an interpretation of the end times) and how Christians should interpret books like Revelation. 

Given how challenging this topic is, we wanted to share a few resources that shaped our own thinking on these topics: 

In this book, you’ll learn more about Paul's theology of Israel and the church in Romans. 

This book takes a deep dive into what the Bible really says about the end times. 

How should we understand revelation and prophecy? In this book, you’ll learn how Revelation can be read as a book of discipleship, challenging Christ-followers everywhere to live as hopeful agents of resistance and transformation.

On our podcast, we explore how dispensationalism, a theology of the end times, shapes how many evangelicals think about modern-day Israel. This book explains dispensationalism in history, analyzing its influence on popular culture, politics, and religion. 

Dive more into the basics of dispensationalism in this comprehensive article from The Gospel Coalition. 

Does biblical prophecy point toward a third temple? How does the Bible’s theology of the temple relate to the Christian mission and the new Creation? Listen as G. K. Beale speaks on the topic of Biblical Theology in this address from The Gospel Coalition Sermon Library.

Want to hear more? Check out our recent podcast episode, “Does the Bible Require Christians to Support the Nation of Israel?” 


Posted by Truth Over Tribe

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