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DISSENT: Election Conspiracies, Double Standards, & Passive Christianity

DISSENT: Election Conspiracies, Double Standards, & Passive Christianity
Posted by Truth Over Tribe

The following is a dissent from a Truth Over Tribe listener to the episode Have American Evangelicals Lost Their Purpose? with Tim Alberta.

Listener Dissent: 

There was a double standard in your podcast in which the author, Tim Alberta, holds Christians to a standard that he doesn't hold others to. The host and the author suggest that we are not to judge the world (agree); however, scripture is clear on calling out evil (Eph 5:11-12, Titus 1:10-13, 1 Cor 6:2, Ez 3:18-19). This whole notion of Christian Nationalists vs. Christians is simply ridiculous. Instead, I would say not to make your earthly beliefs (idols) weigh more than your Christ-centered mission to share the Gospel of Jesus Christ and to build His Kingdom.

To disqualify Speaker Mike Johnson because he advocates that the 2020 election was stolen is purely asinine. Currently, over 62% of Americans think that the 2020 and 2022 (AZ) elections were stolen by Democrats. If you look at the 28 bell weather counties that Biden lost (27 out of 28) in which no candidate has EVER won the presidency - the math doesn't lie.

While this author is very critical of the church and those churches that spread "conspiracy" theories, he asserts that they are discounted from being taken seriously. Whether I agree with that or not, I believe that to dismiss over 50% of the church based on conservative values is simply ridiculous. It seems to me that this author's whole mission is to keep Christians out of politics and culture. So Christians shouldn't be politicians, social influencers, or soldiers? We are not to call out evil? We are not to share the truth?

This logic leads to a false gospel. The gospel of "don't offend, don't call out, don't stand against evil" instead becomes "can't we all just get along/don't offend" Christianity. The Gospel offends: Jesus is the ONLY WAY!

Tim Alberta needs to heed caution if his tribe is Politico, as he is bordering on being a charlatan! We need a biblical lens using the gift of critical thought in a broken world. Matthew 28 doesn't just end with sharing the Gospel; it calls us to make disciples, and Hebrews 5 and 6 tell us to move these disciples from milk to meat by being able to discern good from evil in every and all situations. I was very disappointed with both the host and the arrogance of this author - really offended and really missing the point of being willing to call out evil. Christianity is not passive!!!

Patrick's Response: 

Thanks for reaching out. I’m not sure where you got your stats from, but most sources I found say that only a third of Americans believe in the election conspiracy. Keith and I have been critical of this conspiracy  (as well as Dems who said the Georgia gubernatorial race was stolen by Republicans, which is also a conspiracy theory) for one simple reason: a dearth of evidence. Even people who promoted the conspiracy, like Tucker Carlson and many of his former colleagues, admitted there wasn’t any evidence behind closed doors. They popularized the theory to make money. (There is, however, evidence of President Trump asking for more votes in Georgia!)

But let’s say I’m wrong about how many Americans believe the conspiracy. It really doesn’t matter. You don’t determine truth by a popular vote. 

As for Alberta’s tribalism, I think you’re probably right. I certainly don’t agree with him on everything. He outright critiques me in his latest book. But that’s part of why we love doing this podcast: we get to talk to many reasonable Christians who disagree with us.

And on that note, I would add that lots of reasonable Christians believe the election conspiracy. I would happily discourse with them and grant their right to their perspective while firmly holding to the evidence that has informed mine. I would feel no need to hedge around a topic that has clearly been proven false. I hope that openness and directness make it clear that it’s possible to have strong disagreements without judgment or disconnection. 

I’m so glad we have people listening who disagree with us! I hope you’ll stay with us on the journey. 


Agree? Disagree? Got another dissent of your own? Great! Tell us about it!


Posted by Truth Over Tribe

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